Take It From Me: An Intern's Tips for Your Fall Internship

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Take It From Me: An Intern's Tips for Your Fall Internship

This is a blog post from our Ohio University Campus Ambassador, Sandhya! If you attend Ohio University and want to blog for our site, then comment below!

When I applied in the spring for my summer marketing internship at Running Subway Productions, I thought the internship sounded like a great experience. Working with the conceptualization, production, marketing and management  of the Discovery Times Exhibits would be one of my main responsibilities, and I had been to those very exhibits many times before. There was only one thing that made me nervous -- I didn’t know too much about marketing.

"So what does this have to do with me," you may ask?

Well, while you’re applying for your fall internship, keep these three tips in mind.

Tip#1: Your internship is a time for you to learn, so learn! During my three months at Running Subway, which manages and produces Pompeii & Harry Potterä: the Exhibition, I learned about marketing, finance and everything else that happens in order for the exhibits to run smoothly. I learned how to make Facebook ads more attractive to visitors and utilized surveys and Twitter interactions to gain feedback from visitors. When I didn’t know something, I asked why we were doing what we were doing and what I could do to help. It’s OK if you don’t know everything about the field your internship is in. Being a journalism major, I wasn’t too familiar with the marketing field. But I could relate to the visitors and could understand the way they felt about their experiences, and that helped immensely.

Tip#2: You never know when something you think is irrelevant will come in handy! While I was conducting surveys and tweeting, I thought about how I would respond if I were on the other end. This helped me to think of ideas for drawing people in to the exhibit from various locations and also allowed me to uncover which advertisements were working best for attracting visitors. I never thought that all my visits to museums and other New York sites would be useful for anything other than learning information about artifacts and history. Now, I know it can help me relate to my audience. Be resourceful with your knowledge!

Tip #3: Be open while you’re applying for your internship, even if you don’t know very much about the field. I think the saying, “ You never know unless you try,” can be applied to most internships. In fact, that phrase stuck out in my mind a lot while I was working as a marketing intern. I could not be happier that I applied to be a marketing intern because I found that I truly enjoy marketing. In fact, I am trying to figure out a way now that I can work some marketing courses into my curriculum. Don’t be afraid to apply yourself and to try new things!

And last, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to offer your ideas. With these three tips in mind, you will definitely make the most of your internship!  If you’re still looking for an internship for the fall, apply to Running Subway Productions. The best part is, the application is available on this very site! If you have any questions, then please feel free to leave comments below.