Taking the Leap, Following Your Dreams!

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Taking the Leap, Following Your Dreams!

This blog is written by Celia, our campus ambassador from UNC at Charlotte!

If you consider how many students attend your school, added in with the increasing desire of undergraduates to have internship experience prior to graduating, it is intimidating to think about even trying to earn the position of “intern”.

Despite the immediate hesitance of many college students, beginning your quest for an internship with an optimistic outlook is essential. Breaking down any preconceptions that you may have about your chances of getting the internship of your dreams will allow your confidence to shine when you are interviewed – this way, they can meet you at your best!

Secondly, if you put yourself out there when you are searching for an internship, employers notice.  No matter what company, agency or nonprofit you’re looking to work for, it’s important that you prove to them that you’re motivated and dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.  Doing your own detective work and researching the company prior to an interview, helps you feel more in tune with the company’s missions and can even help you discover if those goals are something that you are interested in being a part of.

Searching out internships and applying to multiple companies will give you more options later on. (I had never considered this before meeting Lauren, but it makes much more sense than only applying for one!)  Exposing you to different types of interview processes and companies, teaching you how to tweak your resume for each interview and allowing you to be the one to make the final decision about your intern position, rather than applying for only one company and being shot down, sets you up for success.

Let’s face it: if you never apply for an internship because you are nervous about your odds of getting the position (which, most of us are!), it is very unlikely that an internship will find its way to you.  You’ve got to get out there and take the leap!  Internships are invaluable experiences that each person deserves to have.  You can get the internship of your dreams, and you may have to go through internships elsewhere first, but you have to start somewhere.  Go take the leap yourself, boost your resume, and soon enough, you’ll get that intern opportunity you’ve been dreaming of!