Taking Risks: How I Went from Texas A&M to LA

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Taking Risks: How I Went from Texas A&M to LA

Today’s guest blog post is from one of my current campus ambassadors, Melanie. Melanie is a student at the Texas A&M campus!

This past spring I decided I needed an adventure and gathered the courage to ask my parents if I could move to Los Angeles, California for the summer.  I expected a quick “NO, are you out of your mind?” response, but instead I was pleasantly surprised.  Even though my mother just had surgery, and my father had been laid off from work since November, they said I could, under certain circumstances.  I had to finance the trip myself, find a place to live and get a job within the first three weeks.  It was a lot, but I wanted this badly so I was determined to make it happen.

Let’s just say I had the summer of lifetime and those “circumstances” were all met within the first week and a half of me being in the big city. As far as living my situation, I ended up staying with a friend of a friend, that let me rent out a room from her house for dirt cheap. To find a job, I went on four different interviews and was offered one at an awesome restaurant in Malibu, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  After doing some extensive research I emailed my resume to several internship prospects and subsequently managed to get an internship in Venice Beach as the public relations intern at a marketing entertainment company.   The summer was perfect, I walked on the beach in the afternoons, drove down Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down, I was living the California dream. The most adventurous night was when I was able to get a ticket to the MTV Movie Awards.  I talked my way past security, sitting on the front row, (directly in front of Paris Hilton and the Twilight cast) and even snuck into the after party.  Life was good!  Nothing could get any better, except for the fact that I still felt empty.

This past summer I lived in Los Angeles, I got my adventure no doubt, but more importantly I figured out what success is.  I learned it’s not living in a fancy house, going to private Hollywood events, or viewing a perfect sunset, its having someone you love and care about to experience those things with.  After I got my job, my internship and snuck into the MTV after party, all I wanted to do was have my sister or mom there with me to experience it with.  I called my family this summer more times than I did in my entire first year of college, because I wanted someone with me to partake in the excitement and understand how amazing everything was.  This past summer will forever be the best, however it will also be my constant silent reminder and motivation of knowing that you can conqueror the world, but if you do not have someone you care about with you in the end, all you will be is alone.