Ten Steps For Mixing Working and Working Out

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Ten Steps For Mixing Working and Working Out

This blog is written by Jackie, our campus ambassador from University of New Hampshire.

Although it is hard to make the time for exercise when you are working, it is important for both your physical and mental health. Here are some ideas for remaining fit despite your long days at work:

  1. Walking on your lunch break
  2. Packing a lunch ahead of time: this gives you have more time to exercise during breaks and is often a healthier option to store bought lunches that can be high in salt or other preservatives to lengthen their shelf life.
  3. Keep extra gym clothes and sneakers in your car at all times: this way you can always be ready to squeeze in an extra mile walk or run in your spare time, it also gives you no excuse for laziness!
  4. Changing in to your gym clothes after work: makes you leave motivated!
  5. Replacing desk chairs with exercise balls as an office seat may make you feel unbalanced at first but will also be a hardcore abdominal work out once it becomes a daily habit.
  6. Print or pick up a group class schedule at your gym and plan to attend the classes you think best match your work out style (make sure to check if signing up prior to the class is required). At work, you have been keeping appointments all day and following a schedule, therefore setting a schedule may be useful in keeping you active.
  7. If your internship is in the summer, make use of pools! Swimming is a great whole body exercise that often does not feel as strenuous as other forms of cardio. If your internship is in an office setting, outdoor pools also give you the chance to break up your day inside and enjoy the fresh air.
  8. Workout in the office by keeping small dumbbells (or even a full water bottle) under your desk and doing arm exercises and curls while sitting and multitasking with other work.
  9. Take the stairs as opposed to escaladers and elevators. Also, be sure to always go the longer route (if your schedule allows) to get to your destination or colleague’s office.

10.  Drink out of small cups so that you have to get up a lot to refill it and get exercise in doing so. In addition, when you arrive at your office, park in the farthest parking spot from your building forcing you to walk more!