The Thank You Note

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The Thank You Note

This guest post comes from our Campus Ambassador Samantha Rosenberg who is a graduate student at Pace University.

It Came Down to the Thank You Note

It was only my first interview with the company but I knew that internship was mine. I could tell by the look my future boss gave me as I shook his hand after a flawless interview.  I nailed it.

But wait, I wasn’t done yet!  Don’t forget that thank you note. The thank you note can make or break the deal.  Without it, an employer may think you don&t pay attention to details, you don&t have any manners, or maybe you don&t even want the job.

I learned this lesson the hard way.  After a perfect interview, I went home, walked my dogs, cooked dinner and got a good night’s sleep.  The next day I awoke refreshed and ready to check my messages for an offer.  I eagerly checked my email…nothing.  I checked my voicemail…nothing.  This went on for five days.  By day six, I stubbornly asked my roommate what she thought was taking so long.  She didn’t even have to answer before it hit me!  I forgot to send a thank you note!  The interview was like a delicious cake and the thank you note was my icing.  How could I forget the icing?  After that day, I vowed to make thank you notes a regular part of my life.  I mail thank you card to employers and friends.  I hand thank you notes to professors and family.

And there&s more. Say the company really likes you and keeps asking you back.  Do you need to write an interview thank you note after multiple interviews in the same company? The answer is YES. What if it was a phone interview? Yes. What if there was a panel of people-- write each person? Yes. Gosh that&s a lot of creative thanking.  All I can say is to have fun with it.  Thank you notes are no longer optional and can be the reason you do or do not get the position you’re aiming for.