Think local. Dream big.

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Think local. Dream big.

This is a guest post by Jenn M. our campus ambassador from Arizone State University.

Opportunities from within.

Opportunities can come knocking in unknown, small, big or even large doors. The question is have you looked within the job you have for more than just what you do?  You could be a pizza maker, but you actually dream of doing promotions for them…there’s someone in charge of that and it’s your job to find out and learn about them. For instance, I’m a hostess at a hotel and I found out that we host events such as weddings, and larger meetings for all kinds of different companies.  Once I met the girl in charge of putting those events together, I started becoming more and more interested to learn about her position in that department. Fast forward to only working there for 6 months, and I’m officially interning in my job’s sales and marketing department, and loving it!

Here are my tips into opening up a bigger door for yourself:

  • Put yourself out there. By this, I mean make yourself known. Smile at those random people you see regularly since you probably know they work for the same company as you. Once you feel comfortable, strike up a conversation.
  • Speak about your future goals. I expressed my career goals to my restaurant director of operations, and he put in a great word for me with my sales and marketing director.
  • Don’t give up. If you truly love the company you work for, and you know there is potential to someday move up, always keep that goal in mind.

The part-time job you have currently could be at a small, medium or large company, but there can always be room to grow, which will only enhance your resume. Interning is about figuring out what you enjoy, which you can do by expressing that you would love to learn more about the company. You don’t necessarily need to travel across the world to potentially lead yourself to bigger opportunities, just look from within.

Good luck!