Thoughts After My First Internship..

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Thoughts After My First Internship..

This blog is written by our rockstar University of Texas (Austin) IQ Ambassador, Paola! She just wrapped up her first internship. If you go to UT - Austin and want to blog for us - please comment here and Paola will be in touch.

My First Internship Experience

Arriving at Austin, Texas for the first time was an overwhelming and exciting moment. Coming from a small town I was not sure what to expect and was full of curiosity of where to began my college experience. After my first semester in Austin I realized the many opportunities there were in internships and jobs so I took my first chance at trying to get an internship. I subscribed to my college&s career center and I would constantly get emails about internship positions available, but there were not many which really spoke to me. I searched until I found an employer that really caught my attention and suited my interests so I emailed them my resume.

Going in for the interview (especially one of the first interviews ever in my life) was one of the most nerve wrecking, gut twisting feelings I had ever felt. What made me even more nervous was how bad I wanted this internship. When I arrived to the offices of the company I felt so small and vulnerable but my interviewers were very laid back and after the first two questions my nerves began to fade. I left feeling good and hopeful that I would be hired.

Two weeks later (during winter break) I received an email saying that they would love to have me on the team, which I think was even better than any Christmas present I had received. I started working in January and honestly I had no idea what to expect. Tv shows and movies always depict internships as a Devil Wears Prada, get the coffee story, and I did not know what I was in for. Let me just tell you, it was nothing like it.

Now in May after finishing my semester long internship I can honestly say that it has been one of my best decisions yet. My internship helped me learn things I could really not learn anywhere else and not once did I remember that I was not being paid because of how much I enjoyed working there. I made new friends, expanded my networks, and learned the works behind event planning. So this as an advice to everybody who has yet to have an internship, do it! You will not regret it and the pay for it is better than any paycheck you can get elsewhere.