The Three Best Ways to Keep in Touch While You’re Abroad…For Free!

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The Three Best Ways to Keep in Touch While You’re Abroad…For Free! blog image

The Three Best Ways to Keep in Touch While You’re Abroad…For Free!

This blog was written by Mary Mooshian, our Campus Ambassador from Quinnipiac University.

Nobody wants to pass up the amazing experience to intern or study abroad, but keeping in touch with family and friends can become expensive. Even worse, connecting with possible employers and intern coordinators for upcoming opportunities can seem almost impossible. Fortunately, with today’s technology, this is no longer a problem! There are three simple outlets that you can use to keep in touch with internship coordinators, not to mention mom and dad! All of these outlets can be accessed for free thanks to the wonder that is the Internet. In many nations abroad, especially in Europe, Internet access is free at many fast food establishments (I know when I spent time in Spain our local McDonalds was a god sent!)

Here are the best ways to stay in touch while abroad:

Skype is a free video chatting service over the Internet. Many internship coordinators already interview potential internship candidates over this channel in the States, and a Skype interview would be ideal in a different country. Skype doesn’t even need to be accessed on a computer; you can use the program with an iPod or basically any smart phone! Money can be added to the Skype account for less expensive international phone calls as well.

Social Media:
Not only do employers check all social media outlets today; but they also have begun performing interviews on them, especially if the internship is in journalism or marketing and stresses social media skills. Asking your internship coordinator for an interview on Twitter or connecting via Facebook or LinkedIn are all plausible options.

Email is the good old standby. It is used universally and although it is not the most personal method it is a good way for employers to get to know you. You can even begin initial contact with internship coordinators via email and continue your relationship on Skype or social media sites.

If you are headed abroad (or are currently studying abroad) and are fretting about missing out on future internship opportunities, don’t! There is even a chance you will find an amazing internship opportunity in the country you are already in! Otherwise keep checking Intern Queen to stay up to date for future opportunities upon your return!