Three Easy Ways To Get In The Know

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Three Easy Ways To Get In The Know

Mary M. is from Quinnipiac University. She is a Junior Marketing/International Business Major who found her passion for traveling after studying abroad in Rome. Mary aspires to one day work internationally with the US Olympic Committee on a major sports campaign.

We’ve all been there.  It’s 8am on a Monday.  The teacher walks in, puts his laptop on the desk and asks, “So what happened this weekend?”  As soon as you shake the memories of the weekend out of your head, you realize that you haven’t read a newspaper in a week.  The only scenario worse than this?  Walking into an interview and not having an answer when a potential employer asks you.

Being up on the news isn’t all about picking an old Wall Street Journal out of the garbage anymore.  There are so many easy ways to integrate it into your daily routine!  Here are a few (FUN!) ways to be in the know and maybe even impress a few important people in the process.

  1.  Set a news site as your homepage:  It’s easy to forget to read the newspaper when it isn’t a part of your daily routine.  Setting a news source as your homepage gives you no excuse not to know the major headlines of the day.  Spending a few minutes may make all the difference.  Set a major news source like the Wall Street Journal as your homepage, or even more specialized sources like Bloomberg Businessweek or Adweek to have your industry constantly at your fingertips.
  2. Follow news sites on Twitter:  Who doesn’t have a Twitter account these days?  I know that I check it more than I look at Facebook.  Twitter is perfect for just the headlines of the day.  Those 140 characters are just enough to get you in the know in the quickest way possible.  Look at Reuters for business and political news and CNN Breaking News for the headlines as they occur.
  3. Watch the funniest late night news on TV: I personally avoid the 5 o’clock news because it’s usually about terrible things that happened during the day.  Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are not only the most hilarious news anchors on TV, but maybe even the funniest guys of 2012.  They bring you the highlights of the day, from the latest Presidential campaign business to big news in each state.  The twist though is that they use satire and comedy to make you actually want to watch the news.  You can check them out on Comedy Central at 11PM from Monday to Thursday.  And if you can’t watch every night, you can follow up the next day on Hulu while you organize your planner for the upcoming week.

So, next Monday when you walk into class, I expect all of you to be the first one with your hand in the air.