Three Things to Know when Shopping Vintage

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Three Things to Know when Shopping Vintage

This blog post was written by Sarah Pontius, our Campus Ambassador from University of California Los Angeles.

Have you ever truly considered the quote, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” In the fashion world, this concept is seen everywhere with trends becoming mistakes in a week, and people throwing out clothes before even wearing them once. This has been happening for decades and the vintage stores that carry these items have become gold mines. Though girls may cringe at the thought of wearing someone’s old clothes, vintage shopping is an important way to find bargains and to also find flattering pieces for your figure.

1. Remember that any piece you buy in a vintage store, you can change. If the fit isn’t right on a dress, you can use tools known as a thread and needle to tighten, loosen, insert verb here to the dress until it fits. Don’t give up on something as unique as a vintage item just because it doesn’t fit right.

2. Comfort is key. In past decades, women were expected to wear pantyhose and slips with each outfit, so dresses weren’t made out of the best material. Ask the seller and check the tag to make sure that you won’t itch or break out in rashes because you want to look beautiful for a day.

3. Stranger Danger: If you don’t feel right about the whole transaction, be it the price of the item or the attitude of the seller, don’t buy the piece. Look up vintage stores and customer reviews on sites like before you even go, just to be safe and truly enjoy the experience.

Remember that vintage shopping helps you find truly unique items of clothing that give you a look into the past.