Three Tips for Staying in Touch with Fellow Interns

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Three Tips for Staying in Touch with Fellow Interns

This is a guest post from my current campus ambassador & former summer intern, Alyssa Allen. Alyssa attends the University of Kentucky and is a member of Kappa Delta.

Over the summer I interned with Intern Queen and got to work with three amazing girls, Kayla Stevens, Andrea Teggart, and Chandra Robrock. I learned so much from working with them and we never actually met in person. We worked together through phone calls, texts, and emails. Lauren strongly encouraged all of us to keep in touch and here are three great ways to do so:

1. Twitter and Facebook - Before your internship ends, be sure to add all of your fellow interns on Twitter and Facebook. This will allow you to keep in touch later on and get to know each other on a more personal level. Just take the time every so often to just post a quick message asking how they are doing.

2. Keeping in touch through email - Every once in a while send a short email just checking in with everyone. Keeping each other up to date with whats going on in your life will allow for opportunities to help each other out or work together on projects later on.

3. Blogging - I have loved reading blogs from my fellow interns where they have mentioned the rest of us. It is a nice gesture to read about how much you were appreciated. It is also a great way to stay in touch because you can comment on their blogs and continue reading them to see what they are currently involved in.