A Time for Reflection

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A Time for Reflection

This blog post was written by Joanna Starling, our Campus Ambassador from Texas A&M University.

Isn’t it strange how fast life can move? I don’t think I’ll ever fully grasp the concept of time - how do some days seem to drag on forever, yet months and years seem to slip away from us? This past semester has moved so quickly for me, because of everything I’ve been involved in, but it has been a big growth semester as well.

I want to encourage you all to take a look back at what you did this semester. Before you go home for Christmas break, really reflect on how these past few months have changed you - maybe even how the whole year has changed you. I have one professor who always says, “The only difference between you today and you a year from today is the books you read and the people you meet.” What books, articles or news stories really caught your attention this year? How have people influenced you this semester? How have you influenced others?

I think reflection is such a vital tool for personal growth, because anyone can get caught up in being busy. I’m not saying it’s bad to be busy - who isn’t? - just that we have a tendency to lose sight of things we truly care about when we are too busy. I think that’s why taking a moment every now and then to appreciate the people in your life, and the experiences you have had has the ability to help you establish what your future goals should be. Our ability to reflect allows us to refocus. I encourage you to do that in some form before you get too stressed about finals or finding the perfect Christmas gift. Thank the people who have inspired or taught you something this year. Remember what you’re passionate about. Think about the things you’ve been a part of this year and things you would like to be a part of. But most of all, tell your friends and family what they mean to you, and breathe. Take it all in.

So, yes life moves fast. Most things these days do. I hope you can find joy in the little things as you finish up projects and study for finals. Enjoy the rest of your fall semester if you still have time. And if you don’t have time, try and make some. I think Ferris Bueller said it best, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”