Time To Start Your Apps!

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Time To Start Your Apps!

Dear Potential Interns,

Happy New Year! If you haven&t started your summer 2011 internship search - now is the time! Please take the next two weeks to map out your internship timeline and come up with a solid strategy to do your research, create your Intern Queen Dream List, determine company requirements and deadlines, put your materials together, and send out your applications! For more clarity on this process, check out an older blog of mine here.

Remember, 2011 is extremely competitive in terms of landing a top-notch summer internship so make sure you apply for at least 10 opportunities. We are working with a ton of new employers and will bring you new internship  listings every day. Please remember to read the internship advice and Campus Ambassador blogs as well. They should help you make the most of your internship journey. If you have any questions, be sure to email us here.

Here&s to a great 2011 summer internship season - best of luck to you all!


Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"