Tips for Becoming an Assistant!

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Tips for Becoming an Assistant!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This week is a bit of a short week for us here at Intern Queen (due to the 4th of July holiday). I'm so excited to share this video because it has been a highly requested one. 

As many of you know, after I graduated college I moved to Los Angeles and started working as an assistant at a Talent Agency. At the time, I thought this was the perfect job for me to get my foot in the door in the entertainment industry. I thought I could handle it because I had completed 15 internships in college and assumed I was automatically going to be good at it. I couldn't have been more wrong! 

I was terrible at my job and my brain just wasn't in the right place. I made so many mistakes that, looking back now I shouldn't have made because I did have so much experience under my belt. 

I know many of you recent grads are looking for jobs and one of those jobs might be as an assistant. It is a great stepping stone to enter  The Real World but beware, you must be prepared! Don't make the same mistake I did and assume  that you know everything there is to know about this entry-level job. I can't stress enough that preparation  is key! 

Watch my video below where I'm sharing all my tips for becoming an amazing assistant! 



Hope you enjoyed this video and I hope my tips will help you become the best assistant you can be! 

For more advice on entering the real world make sure you read my second book Welcome to the Real World where I go more into detail of what my life was like as an assistant. I talk about all the mistakes and situations I came across at my first job at the talent agency in LA!

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