Tips on Boosting Morale With Interns and Teams

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Tips on Boosting Morale With Interns and Teams blog image

Tips on Boosting Morale With Interns and Teams

Working together day in and day out can seem exhausting at times, especially in intern settings. The pay and responsibility are relatively low, or even non-existent. Some times you feel as though your whole company is on a different team or disconnected. The managers and supervisors work to make their employees a team but sometimes it takes getting out of the office to do that. Sports are a great way to boost the morale and the feeling of a real team in and out of the office. There are several ways you can work on team building, have some fun, and relieve some of that stress.

One way to help your team work together is by organizing some sporting activities with the crew on the weekends or after work. You can challenge other branches in your company to a friendly game of baseball or softball. Stop by the local sporting shop and grab some baseballs, baseball bats and accessories and take off work a little early to hit the field. You can play games against your own coworkers or with other companies. Alternating team captains and team members is a highly effective way to help your employees get to know each others' personalities better and more freely. Baseball serves as more of a leisurely sport as there won't be too much physical action.

Another great sport you can play is by forming a basketball or even flag football team. These are more physical and can get upbeat and competitive quickly. A competitive environment is healthy and can really show who shines in different areas. Pushing each other to do better is ultimately what it's all about. With a young crew, this could be what has been missing. The physicality and close proximity of basketball and football are what are going to create the strong bonds needed for your office to get through the rough days and tight schedules. Of course, as in life, confrontation and disagreement will occur. You can think of these occurrences as practice for how your team will handle adversity when it does come, with each other or with work.

All in all, it is extremely beneficial to get the team out of the office and together and to open up a bit more freely than within the confines of work. Similarities will be noticed and friendships and relationships can be explored. This can help them better realize their purpose in the company, feel more comfortable approaching you and fellow workers with questions, or just make them feel more a part of the organization. When your company works together and understands they are all playing for the same team, it helps increase production and your whole company benefits. If you haven't already, you should consider working in these great outdoor activities to help your company build and push each other.