Tips to get your resume noticed!

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Tips to get your resume noticed!

This is a guest blogpost written by Anita Ginsburg. 

Job hunting is an extremely stressful time, whether you are currently employed or not. The issue is that for many people, resumes remain a source of confusion and concern. They are not sure how to present themselves so that they look their best, and some people do not understand how they can get their company's attention. Check out these tips below to make sure that you stand out.

Use Key Words. Scan the job listing for the job that you are applying for. What are some of the key words that stand out to you? You will find that in general, there are a number of words that the company has highlighted as being important to them. Make sure that you work those words into your resume, whether they are descriptions or action words. While this may mean that you change your wording for different companies and jobs you apply for, it is well worth the effort.

Send the Resume to Everyone That You Can. This is a bit of a risky maneuver, but it is one that can pay off in spades. Do some research regarding the company that you are applying for and make sure that you send your resume to all of the relevant people. Consider the department that you are applying for and the head of human resources, among others. Sometimes, resumes get lost in the shuffle or sent to the wrong person, and being proactive about who gets your resume can help make sure you get noticed.

Customize. There should never be any such thing as a standard resume, especially when you want to get someone's attention. Take a moment to make sure that your resume reflects what the job needs. You need some tailoring to be the perfect candidate. Research the company and consider what previous jobs and keywords you want to use in the resume.

Create a Cover Letter. A cover letter is a great way to introduce yourself before you even get in the door. Even if the application does not call for a cover letter, you will find that it can make a huge difference. Take a moment to create a cover letter and to show how dedicated you are to the idea of moving towards a position with the company.

Focus on the Company's Goals. Take a look around online for the company's goals regarding its future and its mission. Remember that every company is a little different, so you cannot expect these goals to remain the same from company to company. This is a good chance for you incorporate those goals into your resume.

Education. While you want to show of your skills and work experience, it's important to highlight the education you have too. An online master's of engineering management shows that the applicant has taken time to learn the skills required to be an effective engineering leader. Whatever your field of study, your education shows a lot about how you can perform essential job duties. These are all great ways to make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd. With dozens or even hundreds of applicants applying for the same position, it's important to take the extra time to make sure your resume is up to par.