Tips for #internchat on Twitter

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Tips for #internchat on Twitter

Every other Tuesday night at 7PM EST/4PM PST, myself and Heather Huhman (@heatherhuhman) conduct #internchat on Twitter. Tonight, is #internchat and we hope to see many of you there. Here are a few tips to help you navigate #internchat on Twitter.

1. Make sure that everything you write (both questions and comments) are hashtags with #internchat.

2. We take questions in the order they are received, you can start sending in your #internchat questions any time this morning. Just make sure to hashtag!

3. Normally, Heather and I rotate questions, we don't mind if you ask myself the question or Heather. We will both answer the questions that come in for us and both comment on each question to provide a well-rounded answer.

4. Remember, there is not a RIGHT answer to every single question. Heather and I might agree on things and we might not, the idea of #internchat is to provide advice and multiple perspectives.

5. As a student, engage the other students in the chat. Start following them on Twitter, ask them what they've experienced. You never know how a contact will be formed!

6. Ask questions! #internchat is for all of you! Please use this time to pick our brains as much as you want. We are here for you to guide you through this process!

See you tonight at 7PM EST on Twitter! And remember to follow @internqueen!