Tips for Posting Your Precious Resume Online

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Tips for Posting Your Precious Resume Online

This blog is written by Ellie, our campus ambassador from Iowa State University.

Hello fellow interns! Since we are of a new generational work force, we have new challenges and new techniques of how to apply for internships, how companies look for internees, etc. One of the most recent trends to job hunting is posting your resume online.

An online resume is simply an electronic hard copy of your resume that you have available to employers via the World Wide Web. Now that more and more employers are utilizing the internet to find potential candidates for internships, having an electronic resume locked and loaded is a must!

Internship boards, like, typically have the capability to include your resume in their database. Having your resume in a searchable database is an example of an online resume. Some databases will allow you to upload a particular, while others will ask you to copy and paste your resume into their database system. In those situations your resume may not retain all of its formatting, such as font size and bulleting, so it’s best to keep your resume as simple as possible. Although you want your resume to be pristine and as perfect as ever, these few differentiations are nothing to be alarmed about; since most employers scanning resumes through that database are merely viewing your resume based on a particular keyword they’ve searched for. However, if you upload your resume directly to the employer’s website, keep an eye out for the little details. Keywords are another point to keep in mind when posting your resume online.

Employers search databases using keywords and phrases that match the internship they are trying to fill. Take the time to look at the postings on that particular internship posting  website that pertain to what you want to do during your summer, fall or spring internship. Stock your already impressive resume with some of those words and phrases where they complement your experience and you will for sure stand out in the sea of resumes on that particular site!

Other pipelines for posting your online resume can be via social media pages or personal web sites or blogs. Regardless of where you post your resume, two important things to remember are: know where you have it posted so you aren’t taken back when contacted by a potential employer, and keep it up to date! No one wants to see a 2 year old resume. Employers typically don’t pay much attention to resumes that haven’t been updated in three to six months.

Posting your resume online can be a huge advantage to snagging that dream internship, but don’t let the little mistakes slow you down. Keep the hints stated above in mind and you will undoubtedly have an advantage to getting noticed. Best of luck, interns!