Tips from a PR Pro!

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Tips from a PR Pro!

This blog is written by Laura, our campus ambassador from Clemson University.

Last week at my school’s PRSSA meeting, my boss, Taryn Scher, came and spoke to us about 10 things she wished people would have told her before she went into public relations. While some of these apply strictly to the PR world, some of them can be applied to any profession. I learned a lot from her talk, so I thought fellow interns might enjoy hearing a few of the tips as well.

  1. Dressing appropriately for an interview is crucial. We’ve all heard this one, but Taryn surprised some of us by saying a suit is not always the best thing to wear. Research the company. If most of their clients are bankers, accountants or investors, a suit might be an appropriate choice. However, if they represent clients in the creative world, such as fashion and beauty clients, some employers will count you out for wearing a boring old suit.
  2. Create your own personal brand. Decide what you want it to be and use it to make yourself stand out. She told us that employers can find out everything about us if they want to. It’s not just the Facebook photos we have to be careful about anymore. If you have a blog, they will find it. It you post inappropriate or negative comments, they will read them. Think before you post and consider whether what you have to say is consistent with the brand you’re trying to create for yourself.
  3. Stay connected with the industry. Know what’s going on in whatever industry you want to go into. The PR world is constantly changing and you need to know what’s happening, what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Ask for help. Although it’s good to figure things out on your own sometimes, never be afraid to ask for help. You never know where it could get you.
  5. Always follow up. Taryn said that 90% of the time she gets a response only after she has followed up. Also, write as many thank you notes to people as you can.

I found these tips very helpful and hope they will help out other interns out there. Anyone have any to add?