Tips for Studying Abroad!

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Tips for Studying Abroad!

This blog is written by Sandhya, our Campus Ambassador at Ohio University. Sandhya is sophomore studying Broadcast Journalism & Spanish.

Are you studying abroad? Tips to stay on top of your game so that you’re ready for when you come back! As I’m getting close to midterms (quarters go by so fast!), I can’t help to think about my study abroad trip next quarter in Mérida, Mexico.  While attending my study abroad weekly meetings, I’ve kept several things in mind. Here are my top four tips for studying abroad!

  1. Apply for scholarships. Don’t wait to apply. Check out your study abroad office or the office for international studies at your school. They have tons of resources about scholarships offered by your school & other organizations. Also, be sure to check out the language programs at your school if you are studying a language.
  2. Figure out a way to document your experience. Even if you’re not a journalism major or like writing, your study abroad trip is going to be a huge part in your life, so you might as well document it! Get a camera, make a blog, or find an outlet that might even host your blog! It’s a great way to document your experience & add something to your resume at the same time!
  3. Do some research. Look up yummy dishes or what the specialty dish is in the area! Find out what you’d like to do in your free time & keep it all in a notebook that you can take with you on your trip. Also, write down some key phrases or things that might be helpful to know about the country you’re going to (ex: the President, tourist attractions, money).
  4. Let your advisors/friends know ahead of time. If you hold leadership positions on campus or have a job, make sure that you let your advisors or friends know that you’re studying abroad. Since you won’t be there to help out, find out if there is a way that you can help out now to help them prepare for when you’re not around! It’s always better to let people know ahead of time then later.

With these four tips in mind, I think you’ll be ready to study abroad. Feel free to leave comments/questions on your study abroad! Look out for future blogs on my experiences abroad!