Tips, Tricks & Apps to Transform Your Internship Into a Job

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Tips, Tricks & Apps to Transform Your Internship Into a Job

Sonia Gaillis-Delepine is Social Media Coordinator for Styleauteur, a fashion-consulting firm in Washington, DC. Sonia is a recent graduate of the American University in Washington, DC and is currently pursuing her masters in Global Communications at the American University in Paris. To connect with Sonia, shoot her an email at And be sure to stay up to date with Styleauteur on Twitter: @Styleauteur!

Forget the economy, believe it or not, right now is the best time to transform your internship into the job you want. Thanks to technology, it’s possible to always stay connected- a valuable asset that keeps you marketable. Be available virtually and you can be the extra hand when something needs to get done! You already have the tools you need to stay connected personally: your phone, laptop and an Internet connection. The key is learning how to bridge those uses for professional purposes.

This past summer, I had the awesome opportunity to work with a top stylist as a social media intern with a fashion-consulting firm in Washington, DC. We were always on the go! Whether it was on-set of a morning news network, attending trend shows, or puling clothes for clients, instant access to my smart-phone was a necessity to log notes and share photos to stay engaged with our followers. Luckily, I discovered convenient apps and programs to stay organized while still being able to enjoy the summer. With these tips and tricks, you’ll show flexibility and accountability that will encourage your boss to transition you into yearlong employment.

The ultimate folder to stay organized, GoogleDocs allows you to share various documents, spreadsheets and power points. GoogleDocs allowed us to edit current projects at unique hours making communication seamless. My boss has a hectic schedule with long hours so working virtually on the go allows me to update a GoogleDoc at 11pm to sync immediately for her to check at 7am. It was also helpful to record all notable conversations, chats, or emails in a separate Google document to refer back to.

GWizz is a must-have app that allows you to browse your Google accounts all in one place: Docs, Reader, Calendar, Tasks, etc. I was able to view, edit and share all of my Google apps in one place (News, Docs, Reader, Youtube)— all from my smart phone!

To show extra initiative, I set up a GoogleReader account using tags related to my internship. Don’t worry; this doesn’t include being glued to your tech while you’re at the bar. This app is the easiest way to know what’s going on in your industry since it scours the internet for you to find the most relevant articles according to your keywords. This allowed me to scope out potential business opportunities and conduct market research to learn about the industry.

My boss travels internationally and Whatsapp is the perfect app to immediately chat about our latest projects (for free!). As a PR/Marketing intern (and now Social Media Coordinator!), visual communication is key to connecting with followers and potential clients. Whatsapp allows us to share photos and videos with ease. Its features are similar to BBM and texting but luckily it’s available across all phone platforms (iPhone, Android, or Blackberry).

These 4 apps helped me transition my summer internship into a job. Best of luck!