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Ask The Intern Queen

Q: @InternQueen You have a lot of internships in the industry I want to work in. What full time opportunity resources or suggestions do u have?

A: Hi Carolina,

Thanks for sending me the message! Yes, we have a ton of internships, especially in the PR/Communications/Entertainment/Journalism/Tech space. Here is what I would suggest in terms of using the site:

1. Get familiar with our listings. Block out an hour this weekend to go through the listings. My advice is to read everything, not only the big brand names that you already are aware of. We have some really cool opportunities on the site and not all of them are well-known names but still provide a great experience.

2. Pinpoint Your Favorites. Select between 10-20 internships that you'd like to apply for. Read over all of the different requirements.

3. Read the Blog, I AM INTERN. Access the I AM INTERN blog from the homepage and read up on all of the internship advice provided. You want to apply and be confident that you know what you are getting into. You can also check out the Intern Queen Twitter feeds, Facebook Page, and YouTube Videos.

4. Take a moment to get your materials together. Apply for each internship separately so that you can include a cover letter in the box provided right above your resume. This will help you land the position and connect the dots for the employer.

5. Go on the site and apply for all of the internships.

6. Sign up for the Intern Queen Hot List so that you stay aware of any new opportunities on the site.

Good luck!

Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"