Tips for Writing Your Master Thesis

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Tips for Writing Your Master Thesis

This blog is written by Cristina, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Vienna School of Business and Economics. She is our only ambassador in Austria!

Some things to consider about writing your Master Thesis:

First of all do not wait until the last semester, try to find a Prof. who will supervise your thesis one semester before or even in the first year (my Master is 2 years, and you are supposed to write your Master thesis in the last semester)

Your supervisor: Make sure you understand the procedure at your university since they differ a lot, sometimes you are assigned to a Prof, and sometimes (this was my case) you have to find one for yourself, which means knocking on every door until you find someone available

Your topic: I would suggest trying to find a Prof who is open and would agree for you to choose a specific topic (of course it has to be in the field in which the prof is specialized). You cannot imagine how much fun it is to write about a topic you are passionate about. Me for instance, I have a passion for fashion so I am writing my Thesis in the Marketing department  and my topic is “Branding and brand relationships in the Fashion industry” J I love love love it and the books I am reading on the topic I am sure will help me in my future job BUT

For me the hardest and most time consuming part, was choosing the topic. Of course the advantages of choosing your own topic as I mentioned above are tremendous, it is really hard to decide when you can basically choose anything.  Realizing what you actually want to write about can sometimes be a real hassle.

Try to make the most out of writing your thesis and do not just choose a topic that you think is easy, rather choose something you are really interested in, ask yourself what do I want to do in the future and what topic can I relate to this?

Finally: Time, take into consideration the time you need for doing research (reading books, articles etc), the time you need for the empirical part and the time you actually need for writing it.

I would suggest to start with it as soon as you can, it will for sure take more time than you appreciated in the beginning, as there are also things that you cannot control like how fast you get feedback from our Prof or how much time you need for the empirical part, I am doing a questionnaire and getting at least 100 response is not really easy J

Good luck everyone with this final step of your studies!