Tis the season for studying. Fah-la-la-la-la, for finals!

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Tis the season for studying. Fah-la-la-la-la, for finals! blog image

Tis the season for studying. Fah-la-la-la-la, for finals!

The time for papers, exams and presentations are here. Cramming, all nighters and an endless supply of coffee (with extra sugar, please!) become a ritual for some as the last few weeks of school approach us.

Its "finals" time!

The most headache- causing, hair-pulling, cursing-under-your-breath time of any college students' semester can be very stressful.

I've tried many ways to prepare for finals in the past but these three tips have got to be THE best.

Peace and quiet

Whether you are in a library, in Barnes & Noble or your room, you need quiet. Here's a sub-tip for studying in your room. Put your phone in another room. Yes, thats what I said. This will cut out additional distraction from your work and thoughts.

WARNING: Studying can cause hunger

So if you get hungry while your typing that paper, grab a light snack, nothing too heavy that will make yoy sleepy. My suggestions are pretzels or crackers, sliced fruit and water or anything else that is light. My personal favorite are nachos and Lipton's green tea.

Stay in on the weekends/don't stay out as late/devote time to final assignments first

I split this up into three parts because anytime that could be spent finalizing a paper should be used. If you first devote time to an assignment before going out, it's good to complete atleast 2-3 sections.
But if you do go out, give yourself a curfew. Set atime for your alatm to go off and head home.
My philosophy is to do it, finish it and get it out of the way. That way, you won't be slumped over your laptop the night before its due.

I hope these tips will be useful on your journey to finals. So hang in there, the semester is almost over.

Good luck!

This blog post was written by Jade Taylor, a student at the Community College of Philadelphia.