Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates

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Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates

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Many college graduates, who collected their diplomas in the spring, are still looking for jobs and a place to live as summer comes to a close. As competition for jobs soars, along with rental prices, there is hope for newly-minted graduates who know which cities afford them the best opportunity to jump-start their professional lives. CareerBuilder reports that 46 percent of employers plan to hire recent college graduates this year, up from 44 percent in 2010. The fourth annual and "Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates" list helps to paint a realistic picture of the current job market and cost of living in the most popular cities for young adults.  Armed with this knowledge from two leading online resources for apartments and jobs, college graduates still searching for employment at the end of the summer will be able to broaden their options on where to settle down and continue to pursue job prospects in the fall.

Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates and average rent one bedroom rent:

1. Hartford-New Haven $1,047

2. Cleveland $695

3. Boston $1,625

4. Denver $994

5. Minneapolis $941

6. San Francisco $1,560

7. Washington D.C. $1,679

8. Philadelphia $1,068

9. Atlanta $813

10. St. Louis $826