Top 10 Things I Learned From The Intern Queen

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Top 10 Things I Learned From The Intern Queen

This blog post was written by our Penn State Campus Ambassador, Alex

Being new to the Intern Queen family as a Campus Ambassador, I created a list of things that I want to accomplish during my reign. My number one goal was to bring Lauren Berger to Penn State for her first time. My dreams were made a reality last Tuesday when Lauren graced Penn State University with her presence. In record time (a month to be exact) my friends Mike, a former Intern Queen intern, Brittany, Penn State Bookstore Campus Ambassador and I pulled together a plan for our event. We hit the streets with thousands of fliers, pitched to the media and discussed logistics, and when it was all said and done, the day finally arrived. Lauren took to the stage and captivated the audience during her speech with her outgoing personality and engaging stories.

I consider myself to be an avid user and brand supporter, but this was the first time I had ever experienced Lauren’s presentation. Even though I read Lauren’s bestseller “All Work, No Pay,” I still knew there was more information about internships that I could learn from her. After listening to Lauren’s presentation I picked my top 10 favorite pieces of advice to keep in mind while continuing my internship search.

1. After contacting a future employer and promising to send your resume, always make sure to send it within 24 hours. It shows that you are taking the initiative and are passionate about the company and the position you are applying for.

2. Hand written thank you cards are key! I wrote in my last post how much I love to write cards, including thank you cards. I carry thank you cards around with me to make sure that I don’t forget to send it within 24 hours of meeting with the person. (Also a tip I picked up from “All Work, No Pay!”)

3. You are going to get rejected. Rejection is a part of life and sometimes hard to stomach, but let’s face it; it’s going to happen. Just remember, someone else is always getting rejected too; you aren’t the only one.

4. Use other interns as a networking tool. Not only is networking with other interns beneficial in building friendships, but it can help establish professional connections as well. You never know where they have been or whom they might know.

5. Find out what a company’s “buzz words” are. It shows that you have done your research. Being able to tie them into your conversation or application materials could make all the difference in landing the position or not.

6. Stay in touch with former employers three times per year. This will benefit you in two ways. One; it will allow you to build a professional relationship and two; they will remember you when it comes time to find a job.

7. Positively speak about your internship experiences. No matter what experiences you’ve had, take whatever it is and make it sound impressive.

8. Always be specific about position that you are applying for. Make sure the employer knows what you want.

9. Take risks. You can’t wait for things to happen. You have to go out and get what you want. Take the initiative, no matter what the risk. What do you have to lose?

10. Never take NO for answer. Remember, rejection happens, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can do whatever you set your mind to.

What have you learned from Lauren when she visited your school?