Top 4 Must Have Clothing Items that are Interview-Ready

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Top 4 Must Have Clothing Items that are Interview-Ready blog image

Top 4 Must Have Clothing Items that are Interview-Ready

This blog post was written by Jenelle Yee, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Nevada at Reno.

Interview-ready outfits are essential to your wardrobe throughout your college career and post-grad life. It can feel daunting enough knowing that you want to ace the interview and get that internship you worked so hard applying for, without having to worry about what you are going to wear. With these recommended items, you won't need to stress over what to wear for that flawless interview look.

1. The Blazer
A blazer is the perfect way to help you attain that polished look. If you're interviewing for an accounting or finance related firm, you may want to wear a blazer that is a solid color such as black, with a tailored fit. Depending on the industry you are interested in, your interview look will change slightly. If you are interviewing for a public relations, advertising, fashion, or marketing company, you may want to experiment with colored blazers (light pink, white, red) that can help make your outfit pop, and will definitely emphasize your creative side. It is important, however, to always remember to look professional.

2. The Top
A button up, collared shirt is always a piece to have ready in your closet. A button up shirt will help give you that polished look regardless of the industry that you are interviewing for. Make sure to iron out the wrinkles for that clean and crisp look before stepping out.

3. The Bottom
Slacks are always appropriate for any and all interviews. If you choose to wear a skirt, please make sure it is at least knee length. You want to come across as a serious candidate during the interview. It is a good idea to invest in slacks or skirts that are neutral colors such as black or grey. You'll find that beyond the interview when you get that dream internship or job, that these slacks/skirts will be interchangeable with a multitude of outfits.

4. A Good Pair of Shoes
During an interview, you want to dress to impress. If you are going to wear heels, it is a good idea to make sure they are closed toed. After attending many professional conferences, I was always told that closed toed heels are the way to go. There are so many options when choosing the right type of heels to purchase. Choose the ones that you feel most comfortable and confident in. If heels aren't for you, it is perfectly fine to invest in a nice pair of flats.

These items are easy to find at many retailers you probably already shop at. If you have a variation of at least 2 of each piece, you can easily mix and match outfits to create your perfect interview (and office) wardrobe. Remember to dress professionally and be confident. Good luck!