Top 4 Organizations To Be Involved in On Campus

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Top 4 Organizations To Be Involved in On Campus

This blog post was written by Ellie Weiss, our Campus Ambassador from Iowa State University.

There are many different ways to spice up your resume, but one of the most critical sections to have extra spicy is the activities section! Participating in clubs and holding leadership roles on your campus can show a lot to a future employer. From personal experience, by joining and listing my involvement in the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) on Iowa State’s campus, my activities section has received extra attention from perspective employers. Many clubs on a campus are very influential for prospective employer’s decisions on hiring. Below are 4 types of clubs that I encourage you to be involved in to help strengthen your activities section on your resume.

1. PRSSA: Pubic Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) offers members opportunities to get involved in activities such as writing newsletters, planning programs/events, and working on public relations and marketing campaigns. Having hands on experience outside of a classroom can be a great resume and portfolio builder. I would recommend anyone who is interested in marketing, public relations or journalism to join PRSSA at their school. It will not only build your resume, but with all the hands on experience, PRSSA could lead you on a different and exciting career path! PRSSA also has clubs all across the nation and hosts a national convention where you can meet other PRSSA members at other universities. This is a great networking opportunity to meet peers and professionals.

2. Your Major’s or Department’s Club: Nearly major or department at a university has its own club, and I encourage everyone to join that club. It will give great insight as to career opportunities within your area of interest, as well as allow you to network with professors that work in your department. These connections can lead to great resources for letters of recommendations, or references on your resume. Think outside of the box and try to take a leadership role within the club. This will show initiative and the passion you have for your education.

3. Government Student Body (GSB): GSB works with other student organizations, college administration, the community, the state legislature, and the Board of Regents to accomplish initiatives, set policies, and make sure students have a voice on campus. Being involved in your university’s Government Student Body can show a lot of character, hard work and leadership to any perspective employer. Being involved in all of the decisions made on your campus will lead to many unique opportunities to talk about during an interview. Being involved in an organization that has to go about things in a very structured order can give great insight as to how truthful and morally sound you are.

4. Greek Life: The Greek Community at many campuses offers endless opportunities for developing leadership skills in its members. Chapters encourage their members to be involved in chapter and campus-wide activities, as well as community activities. There are many diverse groups or events one can be involved in when actively involved in the Greek Community. From homecoming committees, to philanthropy events, college recruiters also look for people who are involved in clubs and organizations outside of their field of study.

All parts to a resume are important, but the activities section is definitely one of the highest on the priority list. Today, it takes more than a college degree to be successful. Employers want college graduates who have demonstrated leadership abilities and aren't afraid to get involved. I encourage everyone to get involved in at least one club, if not more, at your university. It might just be the deal breaker between your dream internship and the job back home.