Top 4 Reasons to Go After That International Internship!

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Top 4 Reasons to Go After That International Internship! blog image

Top 4 Reasons to Go After That International Internship!

One question that I'm getting more and more from students these days is, "Should I intern abroad?" From working out the logistics, to really understanding the career benefits; it can be difficult to sift through all of the information and even figure out where to start.

As you know, my job is to make sure you have the resources and experience to make you a competitive candidate for internships -- and future jobs! Students all over the nation are taking the leap and interning overseas. Our friends at Dream Careers help students like you land their DREAM internships domestically and internationally, in cool industries like fashion, PR, film, publishing and more! Here are their top 4 reasons to go after that international internship:

1. Build Your Resume. Gaining work experience in your field before your graduation is a must these days. Take it a step further: interning overseas gives you an international perspective - which could be the key difference you need to outshine other college grads when competing for your first job.

2. Travel Experience. Interning in another country will not only force you to step outside of your comfort zone - it will put you in a position to explore your new surroundings! According to former Dream Careers intern, Clayton Wert, one of the best parts of interning overseas is the opportunity to, "Enjoy the city you’re in and live it up to the fullest.  Go hiking, get out to a sporting event, and visit the popular restaurants and bars; you’ll only thank yourself in the future.  If you ever think you’re too tired to do something, get out and do it anyway.  Enjoy the present."  

3. Lifelong Friends & Memories. An internship can provide a built in social network. This effect is amplified and bonds become even stronger when everyone is in an unfamiliar place - together. The people you lunch with, go on weekend trips or sight seeing excursions with can become friends and professional contacts that last a lifetime. These are the memories that will stay with you forever! 

4. It's Not as Complicated as You Might Think! The process may seem daunting, but Dream Careers can help with a lot of that legwork. Dream Careers offers personalized internship placement, including resume reviews, interview prep and setting up the interviews for you. They even help you secure housing, transportation and program events -- so you always feel safe and secure.

Interested in interning abroad this summer? Get more information HERE and apply today!