Top 5 Lessons for Female Entrepreneurs: Kathy Ireland Conference

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Top 5 Lessons for Female Entrepreneurs: Kathy Ireland Conference  blog image

Top 5 Lessons for Female Entrepreneurs: Kathy Ireland Conference

This past week I had the pleasure of attending Kathy Ireland’s panel for female entrepreneurs. I obviously have a lot of experience in entrepreneurship but I also love learning from others. Here were my biggest takeaways from the panel. I hope they inspire you all to go after your goals today, no matter how small!


  1. Never stop learning. The day you stop learning is the day you cease to be innovative. Business and trends are always changing and you have to be willing to pivot and adapt. The best way to make informed decisions on this is to be informed. Watch videos on how to succeed in your profession. Ask (or go find!) a mentor for advice. Research trends in your industry. We also share articles on Twitter with advice and education daily. Of course, our YouTube channel is filled with great tips as well.

  2. Don’t be afraid of math. This may sound simple, but there is a huge gender gap when it comes to interest in math and investing. Start learning how to invest now and don’t fear what you might be incapable of. There are several platforms and digital media references out there specifically for young entrepreneurs. Get smart and use them.

  3. Know thy brand. Know your vision, your end goal, and what you stand for. Write them down and use them to orient you when you feel indecisive or “stuck.” In our talk, Kathy said “Every experience is a lasting brand expression.” I love that! Everything you put out into the public world speaks to your “brand” so it is important to stay conscious of your actions (both online and IRL).

  4. Know your limits. Ask for help when you need it. Find advisors who have already failed and learn from them. There is no shame in being human and saying “I can’t do it all!” It is okay to delegate. Kathy also shared this amazing advice: “No is a complete sentence.” Sometimes you just have to say no and there’s no shame in that. Know what you can handle and honor that.

  5. Know your worth. I think this sums up female entrepreneurship. As women, we tend to doubt ourselves. Know your worth and once you know it, don’t settle for anything less. Do not doubt your worth either. Know your strengths and be confident about them! They are what make you so amazing.

You can watch the full video of our discussion on my Facebook page HERE.