Top 5 Things To Do The First Few Weeks of Your Internship

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Top 5 Things To Do The First Few Weeks of Your Internship

This post was written by Joanna Starling, our Campus Ambassador at Texas A&M University. Follow her on Twitter at @joannastarling.

1. Don’t be shy!

Meet as many people at your company as possible. Step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself. You’re the office ‘newbie’ anyway, so take advantage of that position and let it be a conversation starter.

2. Get to know your boss.

This doesn’t have to be immediate, but DO take time to really get to know your boss or internship coordinator. What’s their story? Where are they from? How did they get to be where they are? It not only shows that you’re interested in their background, but will help you create a more personal relationship.

3. Start a journal.

I have to write one for school credit, but even if it’s not required, take some time to jot down your day to day responsibilities and things you’re learning while at work. Not only will it help keep you organized, but it will serve as a great way to look back on your internship once it is complete. It will also be a great tool to help you craft your resume.

4. Keep up with old contacts.

If you interviewed with other companies in the area, be sure to keep up with them as well. It is always a good idea to be thinking of opportunities for future internships, so try and keep these contacts fresh- send an email and see if you could meet up for coffee or drop by and see the office. If you are going to be in the neighborhood, you may as well!

5. Get in the habit of getting the right amount of sleep!
You may be in an exciting new city working for a company you adore, but nothing is worse than coming into work exhausted. Your supervisors expect you to work hard when you’re on the clock, so don’t let nights on the town get the best of you. Do your best to get a normal amount of sleep so you can be ready to take on each day!