Top 5 Things To Do This Summer

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Top 5 Things To Do This Summer

This blog was written by Becca Lazarus, Campus Ambassador at the University of Hartford. She is a Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. Follow her on Twitter @beccalaz

Summer time is here! Now that school is out it is time to relax and hangout before work and internships start. Below is a list of things to do this summer to make Summer 2012 your best summer yet!

1. RELAX! Relaxing is something that everyone can do this summer. After a long and tough school year, the summer time is a perfect time to lounge around the pool during your free time. Plus, soaking up the sun at the beach with friends is always a blast. So treat yourself to a nice relaxing day before the chaos starts to begin.

2. Update your Resume. Take the summer time to look and go through your resume. Take out any irrelevant information and stick in new activities, such as clubs you are now in charge of and internships. This is a great way to get a head start.

3. Clean up your computer. I know for me by the end of the school year I have a million things on my desktop, and many documents in the wrong folder. Take this time to organize everything on your computer. I know I personally have different folders for schoolwork, resumes, cover letters, and my blogs. Take this time to put your documents in the right folders with the right titles, so you are now organized for the upcoming school year. Even make a new folder for that if you want to jump ahead!

4. Take a road trip with friends. Road trips are always a great time to catch up with friends. Find out how their school year went and find out the new juicy gossip. Take this summer to adventure to somewhere new and fun. Even if it’s somewhere local, road trips always bring on some sort of new adventure!

5. Do something you never thought you would do. This can be anything! It can be going bungee jumping, to crowd surfing at a concert, or even trying some type of food you never thought you would. Taking a risk this summer will definitely help make it one of the best yet. Who knows?! You can end up doing something you love.