Top 5 Ways to get Involved on Campus for Commuters

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Top 5 Ways to get Involved on Campus for Commuters

This guest blog was written by Sapir Levin, a student from University of California, Riverside and blog owner of “Smell the Wildflowers” (

It’s finally summertime (YAY!), and as I finish off my first year in college I inevitably look back on the past year and remember both the good and the bad. As a commuter, my number one regret is not getting involved on campus until the last quarter.

When an hour or more of your day is spent in a car, it’s not surprising that the motivation to stay on campus dissipates. I am sure that most commuters out there can agree that there are days when all you want to do is go to class and then straight home, but I can say from personal experience that just a few hours a week spent on campus can truly enrich your college life. As a result, I have compiled a list of the top 5 ways to get involved on campus. So, let’s get started.

Number 5: Get an on-campus job.
For the longest time I thought the only way to get a job on campus is if you had a work-study agreement with FAFSA. Even though work-study students have more options, there are still plenty of jobs on campus for other students as well. The good thing about an on-campus job is that when it comes time for midterms or finals, they are more considerate of your studying time and will rearrange your work schedule around your tests while at the same time still giving you the chance to earn some money!

Number 4: Play a sport.
When most people think of playing sports in college, they envision the incredible athletes who after college go on to play for professional sports teams. While this could be a great option for those who are truly committed to their sport, for the not-so-amazing athletes such as myself, playing an intramural sport is a great alternative! You get all the fun of playing recreationally, while also meeting some great people with similar interests.

Number 3: Get an on campus internship or research project.
Many people don’t realize that internship or research opportunities exist on their own college campuses. A lot of professors on campus only teach part of the time while also working on a project in their respective fields. If you have a professor that you particularly enjoyed try sending them an email or go see them during their office hours and see if they would be willing to oversee an internship or research project with you.

Number 2: Attend campus events
Most college campuses offer free events for students right on campus. Unfortunately most of these events happen in the evening making them undesirable for commuters. However, having attended several campus events, I can personally vouch that just spending a few more hours on campus (perhaps at your on campus job!) to go to these events is definitely worth it. It makes you feel more connected to your campus and it’s a great place to meet new people.

Number 1: Join an on campus club or organization
This is by far the easiest way for commuters to get involved on campus. There are so many clubs on any college campus that everyone can find one that interests them. From academic to special interests, on campus clubs give commuters the opportunity to get involved on campus while also meeting new people.