Top 7 Reasons to Intern Abroad!

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Top 7 Reasons to Intern Abroad!

This is a guest blog post by The Intern Group.

You're an Intern Queen reader, so you obviously know how valuable internships are in landing your dream job. But have you ever thought about interning abroad?

Interning overseas is a hot topic these days, and more and more students are deciding to add global experience to their resumes before graduation. Our friends at The Intern Group work with students to help place them in internships all over the world. With the help of their former intern, Robin, they fill us in on the top 7 reasons to intern abroad:

1. Understand Your Field - Globally. Learning about PR in NYC or LA is invaluable -- but working with the press in London, for example, gives you a global perspective on the industry. This isn't about simply writing the name of a foreign city on your resume; it's about becoming more culturally sensitive and aware of customs and influences outside of the US.

2. Get a Change of Pace. Exposing yourself to new cultures is exciting! Interning abroad is the adventure of a lifetime, will broaden your horizons and give you a new sense of your place in the world.  According to Robin -- who had a PR internship in London at concierge group, Quintessentially: "One of the highlights of my internship so far has been attending the events that my PR firm puts on. We do a lot of events with celebrities, a lot of brand launches and they're all so much fun. This week I was at a celebrity pop up house and I saw Michael Phelps!"

3. Develop Language Skills. Full immersion into a new culture is one of the best ways to develop or gain new language skills. Why not do it within a structured workplace environment? Programs are available not only in London and Australia, but also in Madrid, Hong Kong and Latin America. 

4. Stand out From the Crowd. Domestic internships are valuable resume-builders, of course; but more and more employers are looking for global mindsets -- and the skill sets that comes with them. International experience will make hiring you a no-brainer.

5. Personal Development. Being pushed outside of your comfort zone will really teach you about who you are as a person, building character and inner strength. These are intangible skills that will prove invaluable throughout your career. Robin says that, "one challenge that I had to overcome was my fear of calling journalists. I was really nervous at first because I was afraid I'd forget what to say and I have an American accent. But after doing it over and over it became really easy and it's no longer a difficulty for me now."

6. Build a Global Network. Meet contacts from all over the world, creating career opportunities domestically and abroad. "After this internship, I'll be going back to university for two more years to finish my PR degree, but I really enjoyed my time in London, and really hope to return and maybe work here someday!"

7. Travel! You already long to see the world -- why not travel while pushing your career prospects to the next level? Robin's advice? "Really work hard at your internship but don't forget to site-see and just spend time being a Londoner. It goes by so quickly and it is such an amazing city!"


About The Intern Group:

The Intern Group helps ambitious individuals boost their careers through all-inclusive internship programs around the globe (London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Australia and Colombia). Programs include housing, transport, professional development tools, cultural events & trips. The Intern Group has been featured in some of the world's top media like CNN, TIME & Forbes. Find out more and apply HERE.

Key elements of The Intern Group experience:

  • Focusing on the professional development and cultural immersion/understanding of each participant.
  • Placing interns with top businesses, NGOs, governments, and more. All internships are customized to each applicant.
  • Combining travel and cultural immersion leads to more knowledgeable, independent, worldly, interesting, successful people. Going abroad is not only fun, but hugely beneficial to students' resumes.
  • Thousands of alumni have benefited from The Intern Group's programs! Check out videos of some of their experiences HERE.