Top 8 Ways To Be a Standout Campus Rep

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Top 8 Ways To Be a Standout Campus Rep

This post was written by our Campus Programs Manager, Shayna Dunitz.

The Fall semester is approaching and that means a couple of things: new notebooks, the return of all-nighters fueled by Starbucks, and brand new Campus Rep programs! As the Campus Programs Manager for, a big part of my job is managing the Campus Rep programs we run with brands like Ford Motor Company, Jurlique, and NYU Summer Housing. The first step when a new campaign comes our way is finding top notch Campus Reps. Since we'll begin recruiting for a handful of campaigns soon, I wanted to give you the inside scoop on how to catch my attention and stand out throughout the campaign!

  1. Pay attention to instructions. This seems simple enough, but it's like those elementary school tests where the directions say to just write your name in pen at the bottom and everyone fails because they didn't read that part. When we tweet, or post on Facebook, or send an email blast that asks for you to email me your resume... email me your resume. Don't email me asking what I need from you or asking how you can get involved. 
  2. Good grammar and spelling. Another "duh" moment, but if your email to me has poor grammar, spelling mistakes, crazy formatting, etc., I'm already crossing you off the list of potential candidates. 
  3. Connect the dots. This is an Intern Queen favorite. One of the best emails I got from someone explained (in good email form): how they heard of the opportunity, why they were interested, why they were a perfect fit for it and the reasons I should choose them. I was so impressed! I immediately emailed back and said, "this is the most perfect email I've ever gotten." 
  4. Be excited. Just because I'm expecting a professional, put together email it doesn't mean you can't express your passion. I want to know why you absolutely HAVE to be a part of this campaign. If I can tell how enthusiastic you are about the brand and the opportunity, I already know that you'll perform well. 
  5. Communicate. I'm the first point of contact for the Campus Reps on all of our campaigns. This means that we talk every. single. day. Some of the best students I've worked with have been those that get in touch with me as soon as they've completed a task, letting me know how it went and sending me pictures. Knowing that I can count on you to stay on top of what you need to do makes me want to continue working with you (and giving you a glowing recommendation after!) However, I've also worked with students that didn't tell me something went wrong until I followed up with them asking where their deliverables were. This is a surefire way to not get asked back for another campaign and it only makes things harder. There really is no such thing as communicating too much, so always stay in touch with me!
  6. Stay excited. So you sent the best email to me, your resume was fantastic, your passion showed through in our interview, I chose you as a rep... and you stopped working hard. WRONG. Now is your chance to prove to me, and Lauren, and our client, that we made the right choice. 
  7. Be a problem-solver. One of my favorite phone calls came from a Campus Rep when something was going totally wrong. Do you know why? She called me right away and said, "Hey Shayna, I just wanted to let you know that we're having this ABC problem, but we're doing XYZ to fix it and we're going to get this task done tonight!!" Wow. Not only was I impressed with her initiative, but I believed her when she said that she'd complete the task because she'd always been one of the reps that got things done. Another Campus Rep was having a difficult time with one of her tasks, but she kept thinking of other things she and her teammate could do to succeed. I was so happy to hear that they weren't giving up. Just the other day she called me to ask if I'd be a reference for her on a job application, and I said that I would love to. 
  8. Keep in touch. If you're part of our #InternQueenFamily then you know how important this rule is. Stay in touch with me! Connect with me on LinkedIn! If you've followed these tips, there's a 99% chance that we had a great time working together on a campaign. I want to work with you again, I want to know what else you're working on this semester, and I want to know how I can help you reach your next career goal. 

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Intern Queen Campus Rep for our next big brand? Get on our radar! Email me ( with the school you go to, the 3 things you're most passionate about, and a copy of your updated resume so I can keep you in mind as we get rolling!