Top Cities for College Graduates

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Top Cities for College Graduates

This blog was written by Alexandra Salas, our Campus Ambassador from Towson University.

Do you ever wonder where you are going to end up when you graduate from college? There are many things to take into consideration when trying to find a city to live in that will accommodate your lifestyle and provide you with a job. Some include the unemployment rate, the cost of living, mean annual income, and the top industries in the city. There are many cities in the United States where jobs are plentiful, providing a great destination choice for recent graduates.

According to CNBC, these are the best cities for College Graduates (in alphabetical order):

Austin, Texas - The unemployment rate is 6% and the mean annual income is $47,340 in the state capital of Texas. The top industries are technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

Baltimore, Maryland - In this city close to Washington DC, the unemployment rate is 7.1% and the average annual income is $50,750. The top industries in Baltimore are business and health related and the cost of living is not too high.

Boston, Massachusetts - In Boston there are many job opportunities for young, successful, and driven people. The unemployment rate is 5.7% and the mean annual income is $57,520. The top industries include education, tourism and financial services. Because Boston is a popular college city, it shouldn’t feel like a huge transition to the “real world” as a recent college graduate.

Dallas, Texas - The largest metropolitan area in the South is popular for jobs in the banking, commerce, telecommunications, and computer technology industries. The unemployment rate is 7% and the mean annual income is $46,160.

Minneapolis, Minnesota - This outdoor area has the most parkland in comparison to other major cities. The unemployment rate is 6.1% and the average annual income is $49,760. The top industries are commerce, finance, rail and trucking, health care, and manufacturing.

Seattle, Washington - Seattle may be the nation’s most educated city, with more than half of the population having at least a bachelor’s degree. The unemployment rate is 7.9% and the mean annual income is $54,750. The top industries include manufacturing, Internet/technology, service, design and clean technology. This city is also nature lovers place to settle down.

Washington, D.C. - The nation’s capital is always a place where jobs are available for all different industries. It is one of the easiest cities to find a job, according to There is entertainment for everyone and a great nightlife scene. The unemployment rate is 5.5%, which is lower than many other cities. The mean annual income is $62,890, well above the average income and the top industries include government, and business services.