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Top SECRET Student Discounts

If you’re like most college students, you know a good deal when you see one. College kids are stereotyped for never having any money. In a world where everything may seem so expensive to someone making minimum wage, there are ways to enjoy the things you love and keep a little something extra in your pocket. Here are 10 student deals every college student should know about.

1. Technology
With the constant writing assignments and online homework, it’s almost next to impossible to get through college without a computer or tablet device. Popular consumer electronic companies such as Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Dell offer students up to $200 off the purchase of a new computer through their education pricing programs. Discounts for each company and their products vary, but no matter what brand you buy, you can definitely save big.

2. Cell Phone Bills
There are special discounts for students who go to an affiliated school and have the service providers T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. Students can receive up to 20% off their monthly bill. Call your service provider to see if you qualify.

3. Amazon
Students can get Amazon Prime free for six months. With Amazon Prime, which normally costs $70, students can get free two day shipping for all items and one day shipping for just $3.99. Students must have a valid school email address to qualify for this deal.

4. Clothing Stores
Popular retail stores offer a special student discount when a current school ID is presented. Such stores include J. Crew, Urban Outfitters and Topshop in New York to name a few. Select stores offer the same deal online if a valid .edu email address is used.

5. Food
No more living off Top Ramen and Macaroni and Cheese. Standard chain restaurants understand that food isn’t always cheap. That’s why places such as Subway, Burger King and Yogurtland (for all you sweet tooths out there) offer students discounts on items from their menus. Discounts may vary at different locations.

6. Entertainment
It’s just about common knowledge that you can get discounted movie tickets just for having your student ID but that’s not the only entertainment outlet students can benefit from. Most plays, museums, operas and musicals also offer discounted student tickets as well.

7. Insurance
Finding a low rate auto insurance for a young driver isn’t always the easiest task. Often times many insurers are hesitant to insure young drivers because of their lack of driving experience and lifestyle choices. Many insurance providers extend student discounts to high school and college students who maintain a 3.0 GPA and above. Additionally, ranking in the top of your class or being placed on honor roll may offer some additional discounts.

8. Sam’s Club
Save money on groceries, laundry supplies and additional necessities when you open a Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership. For $40 plus a free $15 Sam’s Club gift card, students can shop in bulk for all their essential needs.

9. Discounts through school
Many schools will offer special promotional deals for neighboring attractions or other forms of entertainment. My school offers discounted tickets to Disneyland. Check with your Student Union or student government to see what deals your school may offer you.

10. Student Discount Websites
Websites such as StudentUniverse, studentrate and SPCCard offer a number of great deals for all your favorite stores just by signing up on their websites. These websites also offer deals for getting you cash back when you purchase some of your favorite items. Visit the website or for a complete list of discount savings.

This blog post was written by Stephanie Saccente, our Campus Ambassador from San Diego State University.