Top Three Ways To Stay Motivated When Interning From Home

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Top Three Ways To Stay Motivated When Interning From Home blog image

Top Three Ways To Stay Motivated When Interning From Home

This blog was written by Ellie Weiss, our Campus Ambassador at Iowa State University. She is a rising senior majoring in Agricultural Studies with minors in Animal Science and Advertising. Follow her on Twitter @weiss_ellie.

This summer dawns a new experience for me; I am interning from my apartment. No skyscraper in the city, no corporate office space: just me and my computer in my bedroom. I started my internship four weeks ago and did not realize I was going to be working from home till a few days before I started. I was terrified. I know I have initiative and am a motivated person but working by myself, in my apartment with distractions all around... yikes! When I learned I would be working from my humble abode, I quickly put together a list of ways to keep myself motivated while taking full advantage of working in my pajamas. Here are my top three tips to staying motivated and on-task during my summer internship from my apartment.

1: Always have a to-do list made. I love checking things off and seeing progress throughout the day, so making a to-do list is an easy way to keep myself on task. Creating this list is best done before the previous workday is over; therefore your mind is still on work and not on your messy room or your nail polish color.

2: Take a break. When I find myself getting bored or not wanting to start in on my next project, I take a work out break. Since I don’t work in an office, I can break a sweat and get right back on my computer like it is no big deal. I do a few jumping jacks, push-ups and crunches to get my heart pumping. Getting the endorphins flowing is a great way to stay energetic and lively when you work ten feet away from your own bed!

3: Change your space. For some reason, I feel like the more people around, the more productive I become. So on those days where I absolutely have to finish a project, I pack up my laptop and head to the closest Starbucks. I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict and so not only am I being more productive, I get to reward myself with a caramel macchiato. Being in the presence of strangers and that delicious drink are two ways that I have found to keep the procrastination at bay.

Working from home has its distractions, but with these three helpful hints, staying motivated should come with ease! Keep on track and you will undoubtedly impress your boss and complete every project with flying colors! Keep on keeping on, interns.