Traditional vs. Online Resumes

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Traditional vs. Online Resumes

This blog is written by Rachel, our campus ambassador from Iona College in New York!

If you were asked to submit your resume right now, which one would you? You might be thinking, "What do you mean which one, I only have one." But in reality, you should have two: the traditional resume and the online resume.

Traditional Resumes should be kept to a one-page minimum. This can be difficult once you&ve completed a few internships, I know. But having done four internships and worked at a job in a related  industry for eight years, trust me, it can be done. You should include all relevant experience to the position you&re applying for and list the key tasks you completed at your internship. Use bullet points on this resume, as it makes the reading MUCH easier on the eyes (which recruiters will appreciate).

Online resumes are resumes posted on career sites such as and, or one that I hope most of you are familiarizing yourself with--LinkedIn. Online resumes give you the freedom of space, allowing you to be more detailed about your internship or work experiences. Recruiters will visit these sites and put in specific keywords to weed out people for the position they&re looking to fill. Look at the description of the online posting for the opportunity. Do you have any of the keywords they use in their posting in your resume? If not, make sure to add them (if relevant to what you&ve done)!