True Life: I am Interning in London

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True Life: I am Interning in London

This blog was written by our Campus Ambassador Teresa Altonaga from the University of Arizona. Teresa Altonaga's Twitter handle is @teresaaheart.

After interning at a fashion public relations company in London throughout the past couple weeks, I have learned a lot of new terms and English culture.

Every day we have biscuits in the office for everyone to eat that are very similar to cookies in the United States. These are snacks that everyone can nibble on when they get hungry in the office.

In the city there are a “News Stations” along almost every block that has a lot of newspapers and goodies that you can buy. I am asked to do errands every so often to get newspapers from these stands.

There is something we call “Fizzy Friday” at my work that is a little event we have every Friday that allows everyone in the building to have a glass of champagne (because the legal age to drink alcohol is 18 in Great Britain). This gives everyone a time to relax in the office and get ready for the weekend.

Tea is very big in London, and almost everyone drinks it. I have learned how to make “white tea” which is tea with milk mixed inside it. People drink tea here instead of coffee in the morning very often.

Every time I hang up the phone on someone British, instead of saying “bye” they say “cheers”. People have many different terms that I am beginning to get comprehend and I need to understand in order to know what people were saying. Reading the restaurant menus and understanding how to read in “British” English was a bit of a struggle for me at first.

Overall, London has been a great place to learn about the countries culture and I feel like I am beginning to understand this countries terms and culture. Everything is still new to me, but it is very interesting to learn how many differences other countries have to one another, even when they speak the same language.