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Tumblr Tips

This blog is written by Jackie, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is studying Journalism: Strategic Communication and Spanish and will graduate in December of 2012. She would love to work in media buying, PR or event planning.

I’ve had a Tumblr for about two years. I went through an eight-month period in which I compulsively visited the site (about five times a day) and re-blogged everything I could. I dropped it for a while, then picked it up again as a personal blog for when I went to Spain, then dropped it again. About a week ago, I decided to get it back up and running - delete my old posts and start anew - and it was a great decision. Here are my tips to get a stellar Tumblr:

1. Pick a theme to blog about - find something you like! My blog focuses on fashion, but other topics include: design, art, poetry...basically anything you want!

2. Use a good ‘theme.’ The theme I use, The Minimalist, is a very popular Tumblr theme - it’s clean and easy to read and scroll through. Try to base the theme off what you’re ‘going for’ with your blog.

3. Link to your other social networks - and promote! I link my Tumblr to my Twitter account. Using hashtags when you send the post to Twitter can make it easier for others to find your tweet (and hopefully follow you) and your blog.

4. Moderation. If you link to your other social media sites, be aware of how often you post. Your Twitter followers/Facebook friends can get annoyed with you if you post too often or in a quick succession. Tumblr has a delay setting you can utilize if you want a post to be sent out at a different time.

5. If you want a blog that is conducive to user commenting, try Wordpress. Tumblr is great for posting photos and text documents just to be ‘out there,’ but the commenting function isn’t there. Instead, users can ‘re-blog’ your posts.

Good luck and Tumble on!

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