Turn a Boring Internship Into A Great One

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Turn a Boring Internship Into A Great One

As “The Intern Queen” I certainly had my share of BORING internships. You know, the internships where you can barely keep your eyes open and have to keep slapping yourself across the face to stay awake. The internships where looking at the computer makes you want to take a long nap and sleep forever. The internships where you are told to “hang around” which means sit down and do absolutely nothing so you start texting everyone you know and saving random contacts in your phone.

1.STOP DOING NOTHING. START DOING SOMETHING. Internship coordinators don’t always realize that their interns are just sitting around. Usually the person put in charge of internships is an entry-mid level executive. They have tons of responsibilities on top of being in charge of the interns and they often forget that the interns have been left to do nothing. It’s your job to be an appropriate reminder. If you find yourself sitting around, go up to your internship coordinator and ask if he/she needs any help. If they don’t need any help ask if you can go around and offer to help other executives in the office. This way you are exposed to more tasks and more important, more people!

2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR RESOURCES. Yes, sitting around for long periods of time completely sucks. However, think of that time as your personal time to advance your career. Your company probably has dozens of resources for your field of interest that you don’t normally have at your finger tips. For example, at the television networks and movie studios they most likely have daily subscriptions to the trade publications. Most industries do have trade publications and different professional associations that put out tons of reading material each year. Ask your internship coordinator if you can review these materials. You will find the names of people you should know, your industry news, and articles to make note of. Use this time to really educate yourself on your chosen field.

Here’s what the Twitterverse had to say:

smt504@InternQueen: ask for more responsibilities or ask to visit other departments in the office to learn what they do.

LaurNi86@InternQueen pitch some new and creative ways of doing things or possible projects, they will appreciate the fresh approach.

ClaudiaU120@InternQueen Ask for more responsibilities, be assertive while not over stepping your boundries.

lindsayglatz@InternQueen take initiative, bring projects you are interested in to the table with a strong plan for implementation. In short, Contribute!
saramckinniss@InternQueen If your workload isn't too much, suggest taking on interesting tasks. Using social media to connect w/ customers... etc...

alonelyargonaut@InternQueen alcohol

brycedonovan@InternQueen Set a desk on fire?

ysnjen@InternQueen come work at YSN! :)

ImGeraLd@InternQueen get a new internship