Turn Rejection Into Opportunity

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Turn Rejection Into Opportunity

You got the letter. You got the email. You received the notification. You did NOT get the internship. You think the world is over.The Intern Queen has news for you. Not only is the world NOT over but you can also use this rejection and turn it into a future opportunity.

How to Turn Rejection Into Opportunity
1. Find the Rejection Notice. Open the letter or email that you received stating that you didn’t get the internship. Try to decide if the letter has been personalized to you or if it’s a template form letter. Look for specific notes that apply to your resume. Most of these letters do tend to be template forms.

2. Find the Rejector. The email or letter you got, should be signed by someone. This person is usually in the Human Resources department. Make note of their name, email, and phone number and add it to your list of professional contacts (that you should be starting).

3. Contact the Rejector. Send an email to the person who wrote the rejection letter. If the person’s email is not on the letter. Do some investigation and figure out what the company email is. Your letter should be short and sweet and ask the person if there is anything to do in the future to better your chances of getting the internship. Thank them for their nice letter and let them know that you will stay in touch. This could be a future wonderful internship experience.