Turning Luck into Opportunity

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Turning Luck into Opportunity

Meet Alyx, a guest blogger from Binghamton University. She will be a Senior this Fall and is Majoring in English Rhetoric and Global Culture.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” –Seneca.

Finding an Internship is all about luck. We can make all the attempts we want, but without a little luck,
even our best efforts are futile.

I have a friend who does part time catering. To say he is talented would be an understatement. His
creativity flows far beyond the ornate dish he is serving. If he has taught me anything it would be that a
truly successful event includes not only satisfied taste buds, but an entrancing atmosphere as well.

Some time in December, he took a Moroccan couple to see the Angel Orensanz Foundation facilities. It
is the oldest Synagogue in New York, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I do not know the
personal opinions of the young love birds, but I do know that my friend was enamored by the quaint
neo-gothic architecture of the building. Knowing my immense appreciate for underrated treasures and
architecture, he texted me the website for the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Nonchalantly, he told me to
scan the website. Little did I know the beauty that lay in store.

When I did finally make my way to the website, I was instantly captivated. The building was eccentric
and lively. The religious alter at the front of the building was cast in wrought iron, the walls charmingly
chipping from years of decay. I spent several weeks perusing the website. The old synagogue was
actually founded, and currently houses an art gallery with the works of Angel Orensanz. I was simply
enjoying the websites graphics until I saw a small tab in the corner of the page for a magazine called
Artscape. I immediately emailed the editor about a possible internship. Seeing as my interests lay
somewhere between journalism and art history, I felt as though the job was perfect for me.

I spent two days writing, revising, and then re-revising, my letter to the editor. I wanted it to be perfect.
A week after I sent the email, I received an apologetic rejection. But, I was not ready to give up. I
emailed the Angel Orensanz Foundation themselves, hoping to find a job that would straddle my two

Soon after, I received an opportunity. I had an interview with one of the gallery’s staff memebers. It was
my first real interview. I attempted to dazzle them with my charm. Together with my interviewer we
devised an internship program, seeing as it was something they had never done before.

Right now there are three other interns, along with myself, who work diligently on the second story
balcony of this incredible building. All I can say is, if you want an internship, make the call, send an
email. What’s the worst that can happen?