Twitter Q&A #7

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Twitter Q&A #7

Our most popular video series is by far our Twitter Q&A series on YouTube. If you’re not familiar with it it’s a video series where I sit down to answer questions from you!

As you may know, every first Monday of each month we publish a bonus video. In this week’s bonus video I’m answering questions like:

  • How do I write a professional email?

  • What is the best thing to put in a thank you note?

  • How many days after your interview should you send the thank you note?

  • How do you reach out to a professional contact without making it seem like you need or want something?

And a few more :)

I’m also doing a very special giveaway for all my subscriber friends. I’m giving away a copy of each of my books: All Work No Pay and Welcome to the Real World.

To enter all you have do a leave a comment in the video telling me where you want to intern this summer and that’s it!

Good luck! I hope you enjoyed this video and be sure to SUBSCRIBE because I have another coming this Wednesday!