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This blog was written by our SC Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Kimberly. Do you go to SC and want to be involved? Comment on this blog post and Kimberly will be in touch!

I’m obsessed with Twitter. The site is a great way to connect with friends, celebrities and companies. I actually found out about becoming an Intern Queen Student Ambassador through a tweet.
If you took Jeanette’s advice and set up an account, you might be a little overwhelmed by the amount of content generated by Twitter. (Don’t worry; it gets easier.) Your account should be fun and relevant to the people who follow you. If you generate too much “spam”, your followers will leave. Here are some tips on proper etiquette so your tweets stand out in a good way:

  1. The Retweet: This one gets everyone even expert tweeters. Be conscious of retweeting too much. Ask yourself if this tweet is really worth the endorsement of your name and will it be interesting to your followers. When you retweet using the new Twitter, the original account will show up on your timeline. Followers can get annoyed if random profiles keep showing up.
  2. The Personal Tweet: As crazy as your night out was you don’t have to tweet about it. Like Facebook, potential employers can find your profile. Make sure that you are representing yourself in a positive light. Also be careful about posting where you are at all hours of the day; you could be compromising your safety.
  3. The Direct Message: Sometimes when I follow an account, I’ll receive a direct message saying “Thank you for following” along with a pitch for their website and product. A little self-promotion on Twitter isn’t a foul but how you present that DM is critical. I have a personal travel blog link that I send out only to people who have similar blogs and always with a personal message (in 140 characters or less). Never send out a generic DM because followers might feel like it’s spam and immediately stop following.
  4. The Reply Tweet: I got this tip from Tim O’Reilly. When you are replying, use lots of detail in your tweet. This way other people who pick up on the conversation know what’s going on. For example, turn “yes” into “Yes, I found that fabulous public relations internship on Intern Queen.”

Just remember that Twitter is a great way to network but also to have fun. If you feel that you are walking a fine line between those two concepts, consider creating a personal and professional account.