“UChic: The College Girl’s Guide To Everything” Book Review

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“UChic: The College Girl’s Guide To Everything” Book Review

Preparing for college can be overwhelming and stressful, however this book is a huge help for any girl who is going to college in the fall, or already in college. The book provides college-aged girls with useful information and insight to many different aspects of college life. Each chapter in this book has essential information that every college girl needs.

The book contains 12 chapters covering different topics. Some of my favorite chapters were Chapter 2 Sharing Space, Chapter 4 Getting Involved, and Chapter 7 Sorority Chic. These chapters highlight just a few aspects of the college experience such as how to deal and share a room with someone new, which clubs and activities are right for you, and lastly joining a sorority and preparing for the rush experience.

Every single one of these chapters is written by an ordinary college girl who is sharing her knowledge, insight and giving tips. Topics in these chapters will answer questions you have that aren’t revealed on a college tour, from your guidance counselor, or from an older sibling.

Reading this book will help prepare you before entering into a college environment. You will have the background knowledge on certain situations like that messy roommate, or those awkward hookups with the boy down the hall.

UChic: The College Girl’s Guide To Everything; is a must read before embarking on your college journey. Even though I am going to be a junior in college it taught me a lot on many different situations such as how to live on a college girls budget.