Uh oh, So You Don't Like Your Internship?

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Uh oh, So You Don't Like Your Internship?

This blog is written by Samantha Bankey, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Ferris State University. If you go to Ferris State and want to blog for us, comment here!

So you got your summer internship and I’m sure you’re totally excited! But, let’s say you’re a few weeks in and you’re really not liking what you’re doing. What do you do? Don’t be afraid, you have options.

  • Talk to your academic advisor or a professional mentor. These are the ones who know what you’re capable of and have the right advice for you. They may even know of the company you’re interning for and have some ideas that can take you to the next level rather than doing what you are currently are unhappy with.
  • Talk to previous interns or ones that have been there longer than you. Ask them what they’ve done since they started and what they got out of interning for the company. They could possibly have gotten their shot later on in their internship, or they may have just gotten coffee and did little things every day.
  • Talk to your supervisor or employer. Be honest with them. Who knows – they may be impressed that you’re taking the initiative and give you more credit. Just be sure to be prepared and to be ready to tell the person in charge what you’re capable of and why you should be doing what you’re doing. And if you were promised something about your internship and it isn’t happening, you need to talk to somebody about it.
  • If talking doesn’t work, you may want to stick it out. Sure, you may be doing a lot of things that aren’t worthy right now, but if you have a foot in the door of a great company, this internship may lead to bigger and better things. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and do what is asked.

If you feel that your internship is a complete waste of time and it isn’t doing much for your resume, you may want to consider doing something that is; just weigh out the pros and cons. However, be sure that even if you are unhappy with what you’re doing, you show up to work with a good attitude and a smile on your face. Good luck!