Use Your iPhone to Work Out

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Use Your iPhone to Work Out

This blog was written by Michelle Tarangelo, our Campus Ambassador from Florida State University.

In a world where our cell phones are so much more than just cell phones, I try to use my iPhone to its fullest potential. While my iPhone doubles as my iPod at the gym, it also has some other abilities people often tend to forget about. For instance, APPS FOR WORKING OUT! There are TONS of apps for cardio, yoga, weight training, etc, and many of them are free!

For example, my all time favorite app Nike+ Running is FREE! Sometimes I just get tired of running on the treadmill, so I take my workout outside. With this app I don’t have to guess my mileage because it tracks it for me AND gives me the option to view it on a map. The automated voice in the app will cheer you on as you run and let you know when you complete each mile and your average time. While the app is made specifically for the Nike sneakers with the built in Nike+ device, you do not need to wear those specific sneakers or have the device for the app to work.

Get to downloading, put those Nike’s on and get outside!