The Value of Studying Abroad

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The Value of Studying Abroad

This is a guest blog post written by StudentUniverse.

As students prepare to head back to college, many grapple with the decision about whether or not to study abroad. Students tend to focus their decision-making process around financials and course schedules, often over-seeing the potential career benefits. The reality is that 88% of student travelers cite their study abroad experience as having helped them to get a job.

A poll of StudentUniverse customers who had spent a semester abroad revealed the following information about the value of study abroad relative to their personal development and career:


Additionally, when we asked our customers who studied abroad what they felt was more valuable: an internship, or study abroad experience, 77% said the study abroad experience was more valuable.

Studying abroad helps young adults gain self-confidence, improved cognitive and interpersonal skills, and stronger cultural sensitivity. It prepares them for success and gives an edge over their peers as they venture into the professional landscape.

“At StudentUniverse, we believe studying abroad enriches a college education” said Paul Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing. “Those who take an interest in exploring the world away from home and learning from it, come back motivated and better prepared to take on new challenges. Our objective is to make those experiences more affordable and catered to students’ needs.”

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